Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Letter writing activity

I just stumbled over a great idea when I was taking a break from setting up my new studio. I opened an alert from a great from the always useful K5: elementary education for parents which linked to Mariah's page at Playful Learning.

She has some downloadable letter writing pages for kids (we have been looking for something like this) and linked to a great idea by Patricia from good+happy day for a letter writing kit . I know it will totally be up my daughter's alley and I plan to make one for her friends in the UK, my brother in France, and her cousin in LA whom she barely knows since we are living in Canada. It will be sort of like a pen pal club. Maybe we will even exchange small things that make us smile in the boxes. Oh, the ideas are endless! I will let Lucia choose the items for each box which she will also love to do!! Thank you Mariah and Patricia and the K5 for such wonderful ideas. I will keep you posted!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

I am back over to lunulecraft

this is what I have been working on lately...

BUT, I just saw an amazing valentine cake that I had to share!

Thank you flavorwire for 20 Presents for Your Valentine That Don’t Suck (Plus Giveaway!) for including at least one DIY gift. The cake recipe and instructions is from i am baker...totally amazing! Amanda shares her favorite recipes for the cake and frosting and then describes her process to cake perfection.