Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day!

I know it has been mentioned over and over but my super-duper earth day tip is vinegar. The plain old cheap white vinegar is the best for dishes (put it in the place where the "Jet Dry" would go, I use it to wash windows, stop the annual spring/summer ant invasion, and as a fabric softener in the washing machine. If you live in a cold climate, vinegar is also great to remove the damaging salt from your leather boots and shoes.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Pickle's Granola

Pickles (Heidi and Anna from Norway) is a great place for recipes, sewing, and knitting patterns. I love their site and their ideas! When I get some spare time I would love to make their Puff Daddy chunky knitted poufs! I tripped over  Pickles when I was looking for granola recipes and their PĆ¼sli is about the best ever!

Here is my third batch in photos (more or less...)

I made the banana chips myself using a recipe from TipNut. Mine are chewy but will keep trying to get to crunchy although they still taste delicious!

Voila! Totally delicious and nutritious on fruit and yoghurt! My new favorite way to start the day now that it is getting toward spring and summer fruits!

I basically made the recipe adding what I had in the cupboard along with what I love (lots of dried fruit)! I could have used all the honey the recipe called for as it is not super sweet but probably better off as I can add honey or jam or more fruit.

Thank you Pickles for the recipe!

Make some soon!