Thursday, March 5, 2009

Five Things You Can Do Right Now To Improve Your Business

via Bakery:

Yes, you can do these five easy things right now. Like, today.

1) Put links to your website(s), blog(s), etc. in your email signature. Yep, even if you’re only emailing with your mom.

2) Subscribe to the top 3 blogs that you feel are direct competitors to yours.

3) Subscribe to the top 3 blogs you strive to be.

4) Purchase something from any Etsy shop you admire. When your item comes, look closely at it: how it is made, the packaging it came in (presentation), and how the seller dealt with your purchase. Learn from it.

5) Write down a one-line short-term goal (and, it can’t be “check email” — make it something you need to work toward). Whether it’s financial, website visitors, sales, clients, whatever it is, write it down. Then, tape it or pin it up where you work. Look at it every day. Only take it down when you’ve accomplished the goal.
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