Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Making of the Commercial for Natural Gas Belgium

I think I like this as much as the ad for natural gas! Amazing to see how many people it took to make this advertisement...it is made by Lovo Films...love the stop motion transformation. After doing several workshops with my daughter in Toronto at the NfB ( National Film Board) and being a knitter, I totally see how long this must have taken but with such a lovely result! From their YouTube description, Lovo Films describes the process:
" The story is simple, visualize the warmth of natural gas by wool. A month of preparation, 4 days and night shoot, with a professional crew of over 40 men, shot live and in stopmotion with 4 different cameras. A film of TBWA Brussels, directed by Olivier Babinet produced by Lovo Films."

PS: the link for the commercial in the post above is via Craft magazine...I cannot link in the actual post for some strange reason....)

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